How to Sell your NFT on 

Step 1

Navigate to the's NFT Marketplace and select the 'My Items' button to find your unpriced NFTs. NFT Marketplace

Step 2

Open your NFT that has yet to be priced by clicking on the 'View' button.

You will navigate to your NFT details page, here you can set the price for selling your NFT.

Click on the 'Sell' button to start the pricing process.


Step 3

Set the price that you would like to sell your NFT. 

Please note that you will be selling your NFT on the Polygon (MATIC) Token.

Consider how much your NFT is worth and set the price in the 'Price field'

Your Wallet should be pre-populated from your MetaMask account.

Once you are set, click on the 'Sell' button to proceed.

Set price of your NFT on

Step 4

Just like when you Minted (Created) your NFT, you have to make a small payment for Gas costs, this does not go to, this is sent to the Blockchain Miners that would confirm the scaling into the Blockchain.

These Gas costs would vary from 0.004 - 0.0124 MATIC.

Once you have read the MetaMask details and happy to proceed, click on the 'Confirm' button to proceed.

Confirm gas costs when minting an nft on

Step 5


This step is very important, we are updating the information on the Blockchain and updating the information of your NFT to display the value that you have set for the NFT (price you want to sell the NFT).

It can take up to 20 minutes (sometimes longer), it all depends on how busy the Polygon Network is. The faster your internet connection can sometimes speed-up the process.

transaction in progress minting nft onto a polygon blockchain


You have now updated your NFT with a price and can now copy the URL address and promote your NFT on Social Media. 

Example URL -

Please note, your customers will need a MetaMask account and Polygon (MATIC) to purchase your NFT.

Please inform your customers how to create a MetaMask account by sharing to this page.