How to Register for a Free MetaMask Account 

Step 1

Navigate to and click on the Download button.

Please understand that MetaMask is one of our partners but we do not own MetaMask.

Step 2

Click on the 'Install MetaMask for' your browser, in this example, we are using Firefox.

This will place your MetaMask into your browser and will help you Create, Sell and to purchase NFTs from works with the following browsers - Google Chrome, FireFox and Brave

Install to your browser

Step 3

You will be navigated to your Extension Manager, where you can add the MetaMask extension onto your browser.

Click on the 'Add to FireFox' - or the browser that you are using, for example Google Chrome or Brave Browser.

Manage browser extension add metamask

Step 4

Add MetaMask by selecting the 'Add' button.

Accept Metamask

Step 5

You have now added MetaMask to your browser extension, using the small pop-up on the far right of the page, you can now select whether MetaMask extension is added to your private windows as well - it is up to you if you want to, by selecting the check-box or unselecting and then select the small 'Okay' button.

Once you have completed adding MetaMask to your browser, you have to create a MetaMask account that you can fund to purchase, sell and create (Mint) NFTs.

Select the "Get Started" button.

Add Metamask extension to private pages and open a Metamask account

Step 6

As this is going to be your first MetaMask account, please select the 'Create a Wallet' button.

If you have previously created a MetaMask Wallet, you can go ahead and select the 'Import wallet' Button. 

Select new MetaMask Account

Step 7

Please read this section - MetaMask will ask for you to help and improve their Digital Wallet, you can either agree by selecting 'I Agree' or Opt-Out by selecting 'No Thanks'. Usually we say 'No Thanks' but that is up to you.

MetaMask Personal Data

Step 8

Create and enter your password for your MetaMask Wallet

Please read and once you are happy, select the check-box to accept MetaMask's Terms of Use.

Create your MetaMask password and agree to Terms and Conditions

Step 9

You will then see a 1.35 minute video informing you how to use MetaMask.

We advise you watch this video, it is a very simple and quick video detailing how MetaMask Wallet works.

How to use MetaMask

Step 10


This is a VERY important step, MetaMask will provide you with a 12 word security recovery phrase - PLEASE WRITE THESE DOWN will NEVER ask you for your recovery phrase, never under any circumstances share these with anyone! It is comparable to a Bank Pin, NEVER SHARE THESE WITH ANYONE, not even grandma!

We cannot not restore your recovery phrase, and if you lose them, you may lose access to your MetaMask Wallet, so PLEASE keep them safe.

Click on the Padlock to reveal your Secret Recovery Phrase

MetaMask Recovery phrase

Step 11

You will now be required to re-enter your secret recovery phrase for confirmation.

Please click. on the words in the correct sequential order that they were displayed in the previous step.

re-enter secret recovery phrase in MetaMask

Step 12

Congratulations!! You have now created a MetaMask account and it is on your browser.

NOW you have to add the Polygon (MATIC) Network to your MetaMask Wallet.

Congratulations you have created a MetaMask Account

Step 13

On clicking on the 'All Done' button (Step 12), you will be navigated to your MetaMask Wallet on your browser (Expanded View).

You see a small pop-up giving you the latest update for MetaMask, simply close this pop-up

MetaMask on your Browser

Step 14

Closing the pop-up on step 13 (above) you will notice that by default, you have Ethereum (ETH) on display. In-order to Create (Mint), Sell and Buy NFTs on, you need to add Polygon (MATIC) to your MetaMask Wallet

MetaMask Expanded View

Step 15

To add Polygon (MATIC) to your MetaMask Wallet, click on the link below to navigate to 

Scroll to the bottom of the page, and you will see the button with the MetaMask logo, labelled, "Add Polygon NetWork".  This will automatically add Polygon Network to your MetaMask wallet.

Click on this link - to navigate to Poylgon Scan.

PolygonScan website
Button add to Polygon network

Step 16

On clicking the 'Add Polygon Network' you will see your MetaMask wallet displaying a message asking you if you would like to allow the Polygon network to your MetaMask Wallet, please select - 'Approve'.

Selecting 'Approve' you will enable the Polygon (MATIC) Network to your MetaMask Wallet.

Add Polygon Network

Step 17

Firstly, thank you for reading thus far!

Upon selecting 'Approve' in step 16, MetaMask will now request that you switch from Ethereum (default) to Polygon, please select 'Switch Network'.

On selecting Switch Network, you now have switched from Ethereum Network to the Polygon Network. This is not permanent and you can always switch back (at anytime)

Switch your network from Ethereum ETH to Polygon MATIC

Step 18

Navigate to's NFT Marketplace

On landing on the NFT Marketplace, MetaMask is requested to connect with

Please select the 'Next' button.

Sign MetaMask to

Step 19

Lastly, you will be required to Connect with

By selecting the 'Connect' button you will share your 'Public' address, enable transactions that will enable you with the ability to Create (Mint), Sell, Auction and Buy NFTs on's NFT Marketplace. Read more on our Privacy Policy

Please select 'Connect' to connect.

Once you have connected, click on the connect to MetaMask button at the top of the page or hit the refresh button and you are now set with your and MetaMask account. (Hooray!!)

Agree to