How to Fund your MetaMask Wallet with the Polygon Matic Token

Step 1

Click and open the MetaMask Wallet whilst in the NFT Marketplace.

Click on the 'Buy' (round) button to start the process of purchasing Polygon (MATIC) Tokens.

Open MetaMask and click on the Buy button

Step 2

MetaMask will then display the Transak link.

On clicking to the 'Continue to Transak' button, you will be navigated to the Transak website.

Navigate to Transak

Step 3

On navigating to the Transak website, you will see the purchase widget.

By default, it will display 500 (in the form), you can change this to the desired amount you would like to pay, you can change the currency in the drop down and then select whether you would like to make a Bank Transfer or a card payment.

Once you are happy with the amount you would like to purchase, the chosen currency, and the method of payment, you will see the amount of Polygon (Matic) you will receive. This will vary as the market for Polygon Matic can move (up or down - depending on the market).

Click on the 'Buy Now' to proceed.

Transak buy 1

Step 4

On selecting the 'Buy Now' button on step 3, you will then see a summary of the token you want to purchase, in this case Matic, MetaMask Fee, Network cost and your MetaMask Public address will be at the top, this is important to note as it indicates where your purchase will be sent (upon completion of this purchase).

If you have previously completed your KYC with Transak the purchase will go ahead, otherwise, if this is your first purchase with Transak, you will be required to complete their KYC which will follow this step.

Purchase Summary


Step 1

Continuing on from Step 4 (above), you will be required to complete your KYC with Transak in order to complete your purchase of your Polygon (Matic) Tokens.

Step 1 will require you to enter a valid email address


Step 2

You will receive a code from Transak to your email address, please enter your  verification code into the entry field.


Step 3

Please enter your details, you can see in the progress bar the steps remaining within this KYC process.


Step 4

Continue with your details


Step 5

Select a legal document that verifies your proof of address.

You can select the document type in the drop-down, select which country the document originates from and simply drag and drop the image into the box, as displayed in the image.


Step 6

Choose issuing country and Select ID Type that you would like to scan.


Step 7

Make sure you to say cheese! Time for a selfie to verify that you are you.


Step 8

Ta Daa! Once you have completed the process (usually take 5 - 10 minutes.

You will receive an email confirmation and you can now complete your purchase of your Polygon Matic Tokens.

Good news, now that you have done it once, you no longer have to do this again.