How to Create (Mint) an NFT with 

Step 1

Log into your account with, and navigated to the NFT Marketplace on

Click on 'Mint a new item' button to start the NFT process. NFT Marketplace

Step 2

Complete the Item Editor form, the details needed are as follows:

Title - Title you want to give your NFT

Description - The details of the NFT, you can specify the finer details of the artwork, image, video, audio or 3D Model.

Categories - Select the categories that best match your NFT, for example, Art, Travel, Photography.

Attributes - These are similar to the 'Categories' but help the search bring your NFTs forward in the search results.

Custom Attributes - Add any attributes that are not in the 'Attributes' drop down, use the comma (,) to separate each attribute.

Media - Select type of NFT you want to Create (Mint) - Image, video, audio or 3D Model.

Recipient - This is your MetaMask Public address, this will be automatically populated for you.

Mint page

Step 3

When you have selected the 'Media' type (in the form above) you have to upload your item (image, video, audio or 3D Model)

On clicking the 'Add Media' button, you will see an upload pop-up, you can drag and drop your item in here.

Upload Image

Step 4

Once your item has been uploaded (8MB MAX), you can add a title and Alt Text (same as the title your want to give the item).

PLEASE click on the "UPLOAD TO IPFS" button, this will add your item to the IPFS blockchain for storage.

Image uploaded
IPFS button

Step 5

Click on the 'Use Media' button in the bottom right section of the pop-up to upload your item to your NFT Minting form.

Use Media

Step 6

Once you have successfully upload your item you will see your item in the top right of the page.

Your next step is to click on the 'Save & Mint' button.

Completed Fom

Step 7

You are now asked to confirm the Minting process, this is the opportunity to cancel the Minting process.

To move forward with the Minting (create) process, please click on the 'Mint' button.

Save and mint 1

Step 8

MetaMask will be automatically deployed.

Metamask deployed

Step 9

MetaMask will display the 'Gas' cost for you to Mint (create) your NFT.

Gas cost is the cost associated for the miners to be able to scale the blockchain with your media item (Image, Audio, Video or 3D Model) in order to create your NFT.

Gas costs vary between 0.004 to 0.012406 Matic.

Once you are happy with the details, click on 'Confirm' to complete the Minting process.

Confirm gas costs

Step 10

On confirming the Gas costs, the transaction of the minting process will continue in creating the NFT onto the Blockchain.


This process can take several minutes, especially if the Blockchain is busy.

This can take up to 20 minutes, but usually your NFT is created within 10 - 40 seconds. The better your internet connection, the quicker your NFT will be minted.

Transaction in process

Step 12


You have now created your first NFT, you can click on the "SMART CONTRACT" at the bottom of the NFT details and you will be navigated to PolygonScan where you can see the confirmation of your NFT on the Polygon (MATIC) Blockchain.

You can now Sell, Auction, Transfer or Burn your NFT.

Sell - You set a price for how much you want to sell your NFT, you will receive payment in Polygon (MATIC) and will take 5%.

Auction - Give an urgency to your NFT and place your NFT onto an auction, set the bid and time and watch your customers placing their bid (in Polygon Matic Token).

Transfer - Send your NFT to another wallet

Burn - We advise against this, you will burn (delete) your NFT and we cannot bring it back! Use this if your really no longer want your NFT... You will not get your money back.


Step 13

Once you have successfully Minted (created) your NFT, you can find your NFT on's NFT Marketplace.

NFT Marketplace no metamask account