a secure legal ledger

Our DLT Ledger will enhance your customer offerings and engagement by creating NFTs.
Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) provide authentication to legal documents by using our blockchain technology to create a secure digital record of your document that is verifiable and immutable. This record can then be used to ensure the authenticity of the document.

legal & secure

Our legal team will produce legal documents such as Copyright and Trademarks, these will then be minted into our Blockchain solution for authentication.


Our Blockchain Ledger will capture the number of NFTs that you generate, track ownership of the NFTs that you create and easy to authenticate. 


Blockchain technology is being adopted by most major firms and banks, we are utilising Blockchain that will that will ensure secure traceability of your documents.

Love my nft

Love My NFT presents a cutting-edge Blockchain solution tailored specifically for legal professionals, including lawyers and solicitors, seeking to safeguard their clients' trademarks. With our innovative technology, we offer comprehensive support to legal teams with extensive experience in global trademark filings, boasting a strong presence in London, England. Our exceptional clientele and esteemed reputation in the trademark arena extend across national and international boundaries. By integrating your clients' trademarks into Love My NFT's robust DLT ledger, we ensure the verification and enhanced security of your legal documents.

  • FREE Trademark Search and Advice report for UK/EU
  • Qualified Solicitor/Attorney advice including a US Attorney
  • UK, US, EU and International Filings
  • No additional legal fee charge for extra classes and discounts for multiple orders
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Simple process

Our intuitive ledger is built and designed to be simple to use.


Your legal documents are produced on Smart contracts.


Our ledger utilises Blockchain technology to add additional security.

Digital property

Documents are integrated into a Smart Contract, you then own it as an NFT.

We provide a new legal solution

The handling, storing, and authentication of legal documents could be completely changed by blockchain technology. To store and administer legal documents, our blockchain ledger provides a secure, decentralised, and tamper-proof method. The legitimacy and integrity of a legal document can be guaranteed by utilising our blockchain ledger since every transaction on the ledger is encrypted and has a distinctive signature that cannot be changed.

This lowers the possibility of fraud and makes it simpler to confirm a legal document's legitimacy. The ledger's decentralisation also eliminates the need for a central authority so that different parties can simultaneously access and validate the same document, improving the effectiveness of legal procedures.

Taking advantage of our blockchain ledger can also aid in lowering the price and time associated with document management because it does away with longer processes, paper-based procedures, and manual reconciliation.

Overall, using Ledger Swift's blockchain ledger for legal document management can benefit both law firms and their clients by increasing security, transparency, efficiency, authenticity, automation and cost savings.

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Our Solutions

With three options to select from, Ledger Swift has a solution that would benefit everyone.



Per Month

  • Secure access to our ledger                   
  • Ask our Legal Ai any question.                 
  • View all documents in our ledger.          
  • Option to purchase documents.              
  • Option To make an offer for Documents
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Per Month

  • Everything on the Basic Plan                          
  • Create and mint new documents                  
  • all documents secured on smart contract
  • Set A Price For Your Documents                      
  • create Copies Of Your Document                  
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Per Month

  • Everything on both Basic and advanced.         
  • We can integrate all your documents for you
  • We have a legal team offering support.         
  • Legal team can create legal documents.     
  • Tech Support.                                                          
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what our client say

"This is a revolution in Blockchain Technology, locating all of our legal documents in a secure environment has improved my team's process."
Mark Smith Solicitor
"With increased security and authenticity, my clients can now rest assured that all their documents is in good hands."
Robert jenner Solicitor